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      (Matt, age 7)
Hi my name is Matt. I am 8 years old and almost ready to graduate the third grade. I like to draw mazes and write stories. I wrote a story about two trains called Jake and Jamie that I will put online soon. I also wrote a story about a poodle and popcorn. Here is a link that shows you my original manuscript with illustrations by me! Do Poodles Like Popcorn I also like Scouts. I am now a Bear Cub Scout. I like earning loops, pins, and badges. I am going to be an Eagle Scout when I get older. I like springs and pulleys. I want to get a degree in animatronics. My favorite class in school is art. My favorite Thomas trains are Lorry, Salty, George, James and Toby.

On the weekend of May 1 & 2 (2004) we went to Rail Days in Spencer, NC. I had a great time, check out these photos...

I like to write and get e-mails. If you would like to write me, click below, send me an e-mail, and I will write you back. Mom or Dad will read your e-mail first. matt@woodenrailwayadventures.com

Railroad Sounds

Diesel Horn

Diesel Idle

Whistle 1

Whistle 2

Story Review
What happens in the show "Percy Takes the Plunge"?
Matt (at age 7) has the scoop.

Percy is talking with Bill and Ben. Percy is saying that a little water is nothing to him.
He was teasing Henry about the rain.
When he was with Thomas, Percy saw a sign that said "danger".
Percy asked the trucks if they could push him past the sign. He went into the water.
Then Percy got stuck. He had to wait all day to come out of the water.
A crane took him out of the water and loaded him on a car. Henry took him to get cleaned.

I like the story because Percy fell into the water.
I liked it in the end because Henry kept teasing Percy after Percy had teased Henry and Percy could not get away.

Wooden Railway Layouts

Going Up.

One of the great features of a wooden railway track system is the ability to make the layouts three dimensional. Going up requires ascending track and support. Once you are up you can support the track with bridges, support blocks, and multi-level supports. The cool part about the multi-level supports is the ability have track run at ground level under the support. Reduce the number of support needed with Suretrack Clips. These clips do a great job of keeping the track connected. So not only will you need much fewer supports, you will spend less time repairing layouts.

Layout Ideas
One of the best website pages for layout ideas is operated by our friends at Suretrack - the folks who make the plastic tabs keeping up all my multilevel layouts. Take a look.

Free Wooden Railway Layouts

Activity Links

A very resourceful mom has put together great crafts on a huge range of kid's interest. This page is for Thomas
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Learn More about Train Tables for your Thomas Layout
and buy plans to make your own!

Wooden Train Tables

Build your own Train Table
Simple Train Table Plans



Where can you ride Thomas???
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A Day Out with Thomas
A Day Out with Thomas!


Do you have any Retired or Discontinued Thomas Trains, Vehicles, or Destinations in your collection. Take a Look.
Retired Thomas List

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