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Question: I placed my order today, when can I expect delivery?

Answer: Website orders are shipped in 24 hours unless indicated otherwise in the item description (such as drop ship). Typically we are able to ship same day if order is placed before 11:00 a.m. EST. If you have a train emergency give us a call, we may be able to process your order up until 3:00 p.m. Most packages are shipped by FedEx Ground. Use this map to determine delivery times to your area.

Question: Do you ship 2nd day or overnight?

Answer: Yes, we will ship per your request. Free shipping on website orders apply to Ground Service only. Please give us a call and we will determine the shipping cost.   Sadly, we can not speed up the delivery time for drop ship orders.

Question: Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii,or APO addresses?

Answer: Yes, we will ship per your request. Please give us a call and we will determine the shipping cost.  Drop ship items can not be shipped outside the Continental USA.

Question: Do you ship overseas?

Answer: No, unless it's going to an FPO/APO address or a US territory (such as Puerto Rico or Guam). And again, drop ship items can not be shipped outside the Continental USA.

Question: Can I pick up my order locally?

Answer: Yes, we are located near I-85 exit 54/Pelham Road in Greer, (Greenville) South Carolina. Call for details.

Question: How can I track my order?

Answer: Since orders are shipped typically within 24hrs we do not have on site order tracking, however you may check order status from your confirmation e-mail, and tracking numbers are forwarded on all orders. Tracking during shipment is available through the FedEx website. If it appears that your order is "stuck" somewhere in the FedEx system, give us a call or e-mail. It will quickly be unstuck. In addition we routinely review the in-transit packages to confirm their progress.

Question: I received my Table, but not the Top?

Answer: We ship the table and top in different packages. These packages occasionally get separated during shipment. Use the tracking numbers to locate the missing package. If it appears that your order is "stuck" somewhere in the FedEx system, give us a call or e-mail. It will quickly be unstuck. In addition, we routinely review the in-transit packages to confirm their progress.

Train Tables

Question: Does the Thomas Playtop work with the Wooden Railway Adventure Train Table Base?

Answer: Yes, The Wooden Railway Adventure Train Table Base was designed to work with the (48" x 32" ) Thomas Playtops. The Thomas Playtops simply drop into the Table Base frame.

Question: What material should I use for a playtop to go with the Train Table Base?

Answer: We recommend the following materials if you elect to make your own playtop: 3/8" BC Sanded Plywood, 1/2" MDF Board, or 1/4" Hardwood Plywood. These materials are all available at Home Depot or Lowes. They generally will make the cuts for free or a minimal charge. Cut the top as close to, but not over 48" x 32". The approximate cost for this material at the Home Improvement stores run from $16 to $22. This would get you a full 4' x 8' sheet, which means you could have them cut you two tops to take home.

Question: Do you recommend longer legs?

Answer: The standard legs on the Wooden Railway Adventures Train Tables put the play top surface just above 16" off the floor. This is the optimal height for children from 2 1/2 through 4 years old. We have noticed that children 5 and up tend to play at the tables on their knees. 16" again is just about right. If you would like to substitute longer 18" legs it will be an additional $12.00. This substituion is required if you are purchasing the Nilo Storage Bins for undertable storage.

Question: Will your table hold up if my child climbs on top?

Answer: Yes! If your child is anything like mine, climbing on top is not if, but when. With this in mind the Wooden Railway Adventures Train Tables were designed to be sturdy and durable. The table has been load tested with an adult and child for a total weight of 250 lbs without damage.

Question: I can't decide between the white wood table and the solid oak table, what do you suggest?

Answer: The quick answer, if you plan on painting the table go for the white wood, if you would like to match your table, by staining, to the fine furniture in your home, choose the Oak Table. While the white wood table is very durable and will last for many years, there is no match for the Wooden Railway Adventure Solid Oak Table.

Train Toys

Question: Are your trains, tracks, and accessories compatible with Thomas and Brio?

Answer: All trains, tracks, and accessories are compatible with the Thomas and Brio Wooden Railway Systems.

Question: Is the Thomas Roundabout Turntable compatible with the Big Train (Maxim) Roundhouse (aka "Can I save money on Thomas and replace with a cheaper piece of track?"

Answer: While you CAN use the Thomas Roundabout Turntable and the Maxim Roundhouse in the same wooden railway layout, you can NOT replace the Big Train Roundhouse adapter track with the Thomas Roundabout Turntable.   The Thomas Roundabout Turntable is a Learning Curve exclusive that will ONLY work with the Thomas Wooden Railway Roundhouse. You can't "mix & match". The same is true when trying to use the Maxim Roundhouse adapter track with a Thomas roundhouse, or when trying to replace a missing Knapford station switch track with a non-Thomas brand track. In these cases, they MUST be matched with their brand-exclusive part. If you have questions about compatibility, give us a call.

Question: How big is the Big Train Roundhouse and turntable?

Answer: The Big Train Roundhouse is about 5" deep - large enough for the engines, but not for their tenders. You can store their tenders in aother shed, or on a siding nearby. The turntable is about 5"-6" in diameter. Since the Maxim roundhouse and turntable are a little smaller than the Thomas versions, it gives you more room for your layout!

Question: Do the plastic/metal Thomas trains work with the Wooden Railway?

Answer: The plastic and die-cast Thomas trains don't work with the Wooden Railway and have their own play systems.

Question: My child keeps pulling apart the layout, should I glue the track to the table?

Answer: This only tends to be a problem if your child is under the age of three. Once they pass that age, they will be less inclined to pull layouts apart and start enjoying putting the track together. We don't recommend glueing or screwing the track to the table. Wooden Railway is an open ended play system designed to encourage imagination, hand/eye coordination, and cognitive skills. A great product to help keep the track together is Suretrack. In addition, track can be anchored to the table top with double sided tape. While this arrangement is not as durable as glueing, it can be moved around. When your child is older you can still get the full benefit of this great play system.

Question: Do you have a particular item in stock?

Answer: The Thomas Table, Thomas Playtops, and Thomas Deluxe Sets are Drop Shipped from Leaning Curve in Iowa. The items from Nilo are Drop Shipped from either California, or Pennsylvania (whichever is closer to you). All other items are in stock and ready to ship. In the unlikely event that a particular item is temporarily out of stock it will be indicated on the item page.


Question: Can I combine my ebay order with a website order?

Answer: After successfully completing an auction you will receive a confirmation with shipping cost. If you then see something on our website give us a call and we will combine the order and ship at the original quoted shipping price. If you find an additional $59.00 or more on our website that you would like to order, give us a call and we will combine your order and eliminate the ebay shipping cost.

Question: Can I pay for my Ebay order by credit card?

Answer: We gladly accept Visa and MasterCard. You can either give us a call or use our secure order page.


If you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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